Social partners fail Pascal Smet’s Taxi Plan in current form

Social partners fail Pascal Smet’s Taxi Plan in current form
Further reflection is required by Pascal Smet to get the taxi drivers onside.

The Taxi Plan devised by the Brussels-Capital Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet (sp.a) lacks clarity, according to the Brussels Economic and Social Council. The latter is recommending a more thorough consultation with the sector. La Dernière Heure, La Libre Belgique and L'Echo are reporting this assessment on Friday.

Adopted last February by the Vervoort government, the Taxi Plan proposes reform of the sector, with the objective of making traditional taxis and those run through information-sharing platforms, such as Uber, coexist seamlessly.

The study by the Council indicates, “As things stand at present...the Council is requesting the order not be adopted in its unaltered form.” It considers that a reform is highly necessary with regard to the developments in recent years. However, the Council insists upon the need for a socio-economic sector study and an analysis of the impact across the entire sector, before drafting the new rules. The Council goes on, “In the absence of these elements, it is difficult to express a view, as to the final form of the plan.” 

There are a number of aspects to be covered by this study: waiting times when empty, occupancy levels, the quality of the various services offered and business profitability. The partners involved believe that certain elements of reform are not sufficiently clear (particularly pricing) for them to decide upon the text of the plan.

This coming Tuesday, the Brussels taxi sector will demonstrate to express its opposition to the current plan.

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