A case of meningitis in Anderlecht school

A case of meningitis was detected in an Anderlecht school, the Notre-Dame Willemyns Institute. The other children of the school received the required antibiotic treatment,  RTL-TVI reported on Sunday.

During the fancy fair held on Saturday at the school, the director invited the parents to a crisis meeting that evening. “We came back, and the Health Prevention Centre of the Municipality was present with physicians and teams of nurses. They informed us somewhat on the symptoms, and the children received antibiotics,” explained a student’s parent to RTL-TVI.

“It was well managed in that the whole of the school had been contacted. The fact that it happened on the day of the fancy fair allowed the message to spread rapidly and reach all of the parents. 95% of the pupils present were able to receive the necessary antibiotics, which helped to prevent the situation becoming dramatic,” said  the school director, Stéphane Rijmemans.

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