Digitalisation positive for employment

One fourth of Belgian employers think that new digital technologies will have a positive impact on employment according to the study "Revolution of Competences 2.0" published Tuesday by ManpowerGroup. The study also shows that 66% of Belgian employers plan to maintain their workforce over the next two years in the face of digitalisation.

The study was conducted among 20,000 employers in 42 countries, including Belgium. In 34 of the countries, a majority of companies believe that new technologies will have a beneficial effect on employment.

The most optimistic employers with regard to digitalisation are found in Latin America and the United States. In contrast, companies in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Hong Kong are more cautious about the future.

The results pose "an unequivocal statement: digitalisation is not systematically synonymous with downsizing of companies, even if the impact varies greatly across sectors," says Philippe Lacroix, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Belux .

He stresses that "success at work will no longer necessarily depend on a degree but rather on the ability to take advantage of technology, adapt and learn continuously." Among “soft skills”, he lists problem solving, organisation, and communication.

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