De Lijn buses suffer through increased traffic volumes

De Lijn buses suffer through increased traffic volumes
New bus stops were constructed for De Lijn buses outside Gare du Nord. Credit: © Belga

Less than one in two buses (46%) run by the De Lijn company was on time last year, compared to 55% in 2016. Customer satisfaction was correspondingly affected, since the number of travellers giving 7 out of 10 or more to the Flemish public company fell to 64%, compared to 71% in 2016. The statistics are reported in De Standaard on Thursday.

Roger Kesteloot, Managing Director of De Lijn explains, “The punctuality of our buses is a problem that only continues to get worse.” He goes on, “Just like car drivers, we suffer as a result of the increased traffic density. It is vital that the Flemish government and local authorities continue to invest in improved traffic flows for the bus and tram systems.”

Mr Kesteloot believes that the €18 million which Flanders invests each year to improve this flow barely suffices. It is a matter, in particular, of taking advantage of the frequency of traffic lights, and developing separate traffic lanes for buses and trams.

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