Around 200 jobs at Brussels Airlines under threat

Around 200 jobs at Brussels Airlines under threat

Nearly 250 jobs at Brussels Airlines and Eurowings will have to go. Three quarters of these will be at Brussels Airlines in Brussels and the rest at Eurowing’s HQ in Cologne. L’Echo and De Tijd reported on the story on Saturday. The job losses are part of Eurowing’s takeover of Brussels Airlines. Eurowings is the low-cost long-haul branch of Lufthansa.

The job losses will mainly affect general services (accounting, commercial services, reservation system etc). The papers say sources indicate around 200 of the 3,500 Brussels Airlines employees will be affected by the changes.

Management refuses to talk about figures. They say the Eurowings boss said back in February that the two airlines would work together, without giving any guarantees about jobs. Brussels Airlines has said they are taking on staff.

Despite all this, some Brussels Airlines employees are already being redeployed as their job no longer exists. They have between two and four months to find a new job on a reclassification platform. L’Echo says some employees have already left.

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