Environmental activists paint over Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

Environmental activists paint over Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

The façade of the Louis Vuitton Foundation museum in Paris was covered in paint on Monday morning in an action "against the rich" organised by the environmental organisation Extinction Rebellion.

In a video posted on Twitter by journalist Clément Lanot, a group of activists is filmed spraying orange and pink paint on the establishment, which is closed on the Monday national holiday. It shows how activists – reportedly "around 30" in number – made the protest at 09:30, defacing the building within around 10 minutes.

The activists threw paint on the glass facades using "fire extinguishers" and "paint bombs" made from "small balloons", a spokesman for the organisation told AFP. The move aims to highlight the "tax optimisation" of the LVMH group.

Extinction Rebellion intends to call attention to the financial practices of the French multinational luxury goods company. The group persistently exploits fiscal loopholes in order to pay as little tax as it can legally get away with.

"In the current social context in which French people give up one meal a day because of inflation, the wealth of the big groups is immoral," said an Extinction Rebellion spokesman.

In reference to the May Day inter-union procession, due to start at 14:00 at Place de la République, he said that "The wage and social demands of the trade unions have our full support."

Located in the Bois de Boulogne, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is one of the busiest museums in Paris.

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