Arrest of three dealers in the Tournai region

Police in Tournai arrested three people for questioning, one of whom is a minor, operating within the sphere of drug trafficking in Tournai. The two adult dealers were placed under arrest. The Tournai Public Prosecutor’s Office made the point known on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday May 30th, the police services in the Tournai police zone arrested three people operating within the sphere of drug trafficking in Tournai. These included two Frenchmen originally from Roncq (aged 21) and Roubaix (aged 17). The third person lives in Leuze-En-Hainaut (and is aged 32).

The men were discovered committing the offence. Police seized 94.5 grams of heroine and 22.35 grams of cocaine as well as an amount of €3,230. The police also seized GSMs, precision scales and a vehicle. The two adults appeared before Mr Blondiaux, the investigating magistrate. One of the two men was arrested and imprisoned. The second man was released, albeit subject to conditions. Heard by a youth magistrate, the minor was placed in a detention centre.

Police services in Tournai are continuing with dismantling drug trafficking networks in the city of Tournai and the surrounding area. The fight against the drug trafficking is a priority in the Zone Security Plan 2014-2019 of the Tournai Police Zone (Tournai, Antoing, Rumes and Brunehaut).

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