Tens of thousands of euros thrown from vehicle during car chase

Tens of thousands of euros thrown from vehicle during car chase
Credit: Antwerp police

A driver of a vehicle being pursued by Antwerp police on Saturday threw tens of thousands of Euros out of the window of his vehicle, the Gazet van Antwerpen reports.

The vehicle fled during a routine traffic stop in Antwerp’s Hoboken district. Of the large sums thrown out of the window, police only managed to recover around €10,000.

The fleeing driver was able to escape the police, but later that night, a man entered a Flemish police station claiming to have been the driver of the vehicle. Investigators are looking into why the driver fled the traffic stop and threw such large quantities of money from the windows.

Police say that it is likely that much of the money thrown out of the window by the driver may have been picked up by passers-by or local residents.

Before the alleged suspect handed himself into the police, officers pursued another vehicle, believing it was from the earlier chase. A new high-speed pursuit took place on the A12 motorway and reached the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek.

This vehicle was stopped with the help of Brussels police, who found it was a different car than the one originally pursued in Antwerp. As for the reason why the second vehicle also decided to flee, police are not certain.

According to the police, the second person to run from the police had a revoked licence and was well known to the local police.

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The first suspect, charged with fleeing from the police, will be prosecuted on suspicion of money laundering. Two passengers of the second fleeing vehicle were questioned by the police and then released. The driver of the vehicle wrongly pursued by police will appear before a judge in the future.

The investigation into both dramatic events on Saturday is still ongoing and police are debating whether the two cases should be handled jointly or separately.

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