The King and Queen attend Te Deum in Brussels

The King and Queen attend Te Deum in Brussels
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The royal couple and their four children attended the Te Deum ceremony on Saturday morning. It was held at the Saints-Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral in Brussels at 09.30 a.m. Around 500 people took part, according to local Brussels-Ixelles police spokesman Ilse Van de Keere. 

Numerous political representatives took part in the ceremony, including Prime Minister Charles Michel and Federal Ministers Didier Reynders, Kris Peeters, Steven Vandeput and Koen Geens.  

The crowd in front of the Cathedral were carrying Belgian flags. The King and Queen met the public after the ceremony. The public started calling for them and applauding them as soon as they came out the Cathedral. There were cries of “Long live the King” and “Long live the Queen”. 

It was especially important for some of the audience to be there this year as King Philippe is celebrating five years on the throne. “I came to see the royal couple in front of the Cathedral during Albert II’s reign. I wanted to see King Philippe for his five-year anniversary”, said one spectator. “King Philippe has rejuvenated the monarchy”, they added. 

Christel, 55, came to see the Queen. “The royal couple is necessary for Belgian unity. On a side note, the Queen is beautiful”, she said. 

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