'Lungs': A show exploring the environmental impact of having children

'Lungs': A show exploring the environmental impact of having children
'Lungs' theatre play. Credit: Reset

The Bridge Theatre connects people from all backgrounds and languages in Brussels with English-language theatre, and from 17 May it will bring a new performance to the Belgian capital, entitled Lungs.

Written by English playwright Duncan Macmillan, Lungs explores contemporary debates around the environmental impact of having children.

People today are increasingly wondering how to live more sustainably, informing their everyday decisions, including the choice of whether or not to have children. Lungs delves into these questions through the story of a couple who are asking themselves what the 'right' reasons are for having children.

The Bridge Theatre founder, Edward McMillan, told The Brussels Times that, while the play was written 10 years ago, the topics it touches on are relevant for audiences today.

"I have friends asking these exact same questions that the couple in the play is asking," McMillan said. "It feels extremely real."

Socially relevant and emotional

The Bridge Theatre aims to spark debates and have conversations about topics that are both socially relevant to the city but also to society in general.

"For me, theatre has to have two things: it has to deliver a message and it has to have an emotional connection," McMillan said. "I want people to feel connected to the characters that they see on stage, and to reflect on how they live their lives, and possibly what they could do to live more sustainably."

To keep these discussions going, some performances will be followed by post-show talks.

Reset auditorium. Credit: Reset

"The play moves the heart. But we also want to move people's heads," McMillan explained. "So we've designed a series of post-show talks with people working on various different sustainability issues in, for example, architecture, fashion and with NGOs."

"We are excited to speak about something that is not usually seen on stage," said Éva Kamarás, Strategic Director of The Bridge Theatre. "It is definitely for young people who have the state of the world on their minds and are wondering what they can do to move things in a positive direction."

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Lungs will premiere on 17 May 2023 at the event venue Reset in Brussels and will run until 3 June. Ticket prices range from €10 to €40.

Find out more information and book tickets here.

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