Archaeology students unveil 16th century fortress at Arenberg Castle

Archaeology students unveil 16th century fortress at Arenberg Castle
Arenberg Castle. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Archaeology students at KU Leuven have discovered remains of a 16th-century fortress while carrying out excavation work at Arenberg Castle in Heverlee, Leuven. The news first reported by Het Nieuwsblad has now been confirmed by the university.

The students spent a week on the estate as part of a field workshop. The research group had obtained permission from the Flemish Heritage Agency to conduct excavations at Arenberg Castle.

No previous research had been carried out in the basement. Historical drawings revealed the existence in the 16th century of a high residential tower attached to the present rear wing of the castle.

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During the excavations, the students discovered a rampart surrounding this residential tower, with its foundations and surrounding wall. The rampart walls, which were at least two metres wide, must have served as a means of surveillance: niches were found in them, with an opening for a cannon.

The site will remain open until the Archaeology Days, which are being held over the long weekend of 26, 27 and 28 May.

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