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What is a health insurance provider?

What is a health insurance provider?

The Belgian healthcare system is known for being quite extensive. Unwrapping how it works is therefore not always easy. You might have heard of ‘mutuelles’ or ‘mutualités’ (‘ziekenfonds’ in Dutch) but do you really know what they can do for you? Or how they are organized? Time to put your knowledge to the test.


The Belgian social security system as a whole is based on the concept of solidarity. Companies, employees, freelance workers, the State… everyone contributes to social security through social contributions. For employees for instance, a percentage of the gross salary is automatically deducted towards the ONSS (National Organization for Social Security). The money collected by this organization is then allocated as compensations during certain life events (unemployment, illness, work disability due to an accident, etc.).

Mutual health funds

Compensations regarding healthcare costs or a work disability are covered by the INAMI through the Mandatory Insurance. It determines for instance which costs can be reimbursed and how; or which compensations can be allocated in case of long-term work disability. Mutual health funds act as an intermediary between the INAMI and social security recipients. But they do more than that!

On a mission

At the core of mutual health funds also lies the mission of prevention and information. They provide public health information to their members and offer a variety of complementary advantages. Partena Business & Expats offers partial reimbursement in optical costs or in a sports club membership, allowance for newborns, etc.

Partena B&E also offers additional health insurances for complementary reimbursements (hospitalization or expensive dental treatments for example). Have a look at the Partena Business & Expats website!

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