Three Belgo-Indian individuals wanted by Interpol

Three Belgo-Indian individuals wanted by Interpol
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The Sudpresse publications are reporting, on Tuesday, that last week Interpol issued three new ‘Red Notices’ regarding three Belgo-Indian individuals. Together, they are suspected of having committed fraud on the second largest bank in India, and related money laundering offences.

The Belgo-Indian billionaire, Nirav Modi, is accused of having defrauded the second largest Indian bank of a total of €1.6 billion. He benefited through the complicity of three of those close to him, who live in the Antwerp region.

These included Nirav Modi’s younger brother, Neeshal (aged 34), who lives in Wilrijk, in the suburbs of Antwerp. He is suspected of having participated in the laundering of a large part of the stolen funds.

Purvi Modi (aged 44), the sister of Nirav and Neeshal is also affected by an Interpol “Red Notice”. She is also of Belgian nationality and is the director or owner of numerous companies, thought to have “laundered” this money coming from the Punjab National Bank.

The third individual wanted by Interpol is a close associate of Nirav Modi. Aditya Nanavati (aged 33) has dual Belgian and Indian nationality. Of relevance in such cases is the extradition agreement between Belgium and India.

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