Green factory smog worries Ghent residents

Green factory smog worries Ghent residents
Credit: Belga / James Arthur Gekiere

A green colour smog seen hanging over river-side villages near the city of Ghent is worrying local residents, Het Nieuwsblad reports.

The gas is reportedly irritating the eyes and throats of those who inhale it. It is believed to be sulphur dioxide gas released from the ArcelorMittal steel plant, not far from the Dutch border.

The factory previously issued leaflets warning local residents that it was going to begin renovating its coal gas desulphurisation systems from its steelworks.

Local residents are reportedly worried about the effects of the green gas. Even though ArcelorMittal claims that the gas is harmless, some local residents fear that it may contain high concentrations of heavy metal particles.

People living near the plant have complained of a distinct odour and respiratory irritation. Sulphur Dioxide is known to affect the respiratory system, especially lung function, and can severely irritate the eyes.

The gas causes coughing, runny nose, and can make conditions such as asthma or bronchitis significantly worse.

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