As at Palais de Justice, piece of ceiling collapses at Palais d'Egmont

As at Palais de Justice, piece of ceiling collapses at Palais d'Egmont

The Brussels Palais de Justice is not the only public building to have a portion of ceiling collapse. The Palais d’Egmont in Brussels, where Belgium normally receives foreign statesmen has experienced the same vicissitudes.

RTBF is reporting on Tuesday that a piece of sculptured ceiling in the majestic Tapestry Salon fell down shortly before the summer. The piece was around a half square-metre in size.

We can see the damage on photos taken shortly after the incident, and disseminated on the RTBF website. A fairly heavy block came off to land on a chair, to the extent that the chair was also damaged. The incident was confirmed by the Régie des Bâtiments (responsible for public buildings), which manages the Palais d'Egmont, along with the Palais de Justice.

The Tapestry Salon is a room 18 metres by 7 metres, able to accommodate up to 120 people. It is much liked owing to its sculptures, the tapestries on the walls, its chandeliers and classic furniture.

In particular the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergueï Lavrov have been there.

Since the incident, the salon has been closed and several stanchions have been put in to support the upper portion of the room. Analyses have been started to determine the cause of the disaster. The potential presence of mould has been mentioned, which may lead to extensive works taking place.

However, the results of these investigations are likely to only be known in the spring of 2019.

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