Decline of Extreme-right on municipal electoral lists in Brussels and Wallonia

Decline of Extreme-right on municipal electoral lists in Brussels and Wallonia

The number of Extreme-right electoral lists and connected candidates standing in the forthcoming municipal elections is in decline, as much in Brussels as in Wallonia. The declining lists are in comparison to 2012 and especially to 2006, according to a study by the Extreme-right Belgian Institute in the Journal Ré (the online anti-fascist publication).

In Brussels, the Extreme-right are thus standing within six municipalities (Schaerbeek, Jette, Evere, the City of Brussels, Sint-Agatha-Berchem and Anderlecht), or three less than in 2012 and ten less than in 2006. The number of parties has gone from six in 2006 to two this year (Nation and Vlaams Belang) and there are a maximum of 102 candidates, compared to 112 in 2012 and 310 in 2006.

Going against the general trend, in Evere, the number of candidates has gone from 12 in 2012 to 35 this year. In 2006, the municipality still had 42 Extreme-right candidates.

In Wallonia, although the number of electoral lists continues its downward trend (31 in 2006, 26 in 2012 and 24 this year), the Extreme-right is standing in more municipalities (23). In 2012, it only appeared in 18 municipalities, whilst six years earlier it was still active in 70 communes. The number of parties was sharply reduced in 2012. Several parties were grouped together around the Agir and Nation parties. The number of candidates went from 286 in 2006 to 167 in 2012, to then reduce to 123 this year.

By province, on October 14th the Extreme-right will be standing in 11 communes in Hainaut, an increase of three compared to 2012, with 12 electoral lists and 94 candidates (compared to 15 electoral lists and 132 candidates in 2012) and in seven Liège communes (an increase of two compared to 2012) with seven lists (an increase of two) and 13 candidates (making it stable compared to the previous local government election).

It is also voted upon by the electorate within four Namur communes (an increase of one compared to 2012), with four lists and nine candidates as well as in one commune - Saint-Hubert - in the province of Luxembourg, with one list and seven candidates. In the south of the country, only Walloon-Brabant is not on the Extreme-right electoral lists, whilst in 2012 there was one list in Orp-Jauche.

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