Problem with concrete at nuclear plants underestimated

Problem with concrete at nuclear plants underestimated

“Was the problem with the concrete of our plants estimated well? No,” Philippe Van Troeye, Engie-Electrabel CEO admits, in an interview in La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure Saturday. He ensures that the company is taking its responsibilities for this, and also for the rising electricity bills.

Philippe Van Troeye refuses to speak of a problem in the nuclear park’s general management. He explains: “Maintenance operations have been realized over time, and we have taken a series of measures.” “Was the problem with the concrete in our nuclear power plants estimated well? No,” He says. “Had it been, we would not be where we are today. I have to admit it.”

“We did not have the right expertise at the right time to anticipate what was going to happen. However, when a security issue arises, we take our responsibility,” the Engie-Electrabel’s boss assures.

“Everyone has a responsibility. Mine is to do my utmost to have an operational production park, and to balance my customers portfolio. It is the role of a private operator within the liberalized market. If we can help the other actors and find solutions, we will do so,” he again guarantees.

He states that “depending on the type of contract,” Engie-Electrabel already bears part of the energy bill increase.

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