UNICEF receives 1,000 donors at Kanal Pompidou Center

UNICEF receives 1,000 donors at Kanal Pompidou Center

UNICEF Belgium received Sunday afternoon about 1,000 donors at the Kanal Pompidou Center Museum in Brussels, on the occasion of its "EduActionDay" event, a day of information and exchange on field actions for child education in the world. Several UNICEF ambassadors were present. The afternoon was set under the main theme of education. In fact, about 63 million children worldwide do not attend school for various reasons, such as war, poverty or inequality. “Every child has a right to a childhood, to an education, to play and to be protected (…), to offer them every guarantee to become adults who will fully contribute to the development of their society, ” the UNICEF Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Geert Cappelaere said.

A photo exhibition was also installed at the Kanal Pompidou Center, showing the NGO’s work and challenges. The audience was also able to participate in workshops to share with UNICEF collaborators and ambassadors, such as Helmut Lotti and Tom Waes.

Last year, Tom Waes visited a refugee camp in Uganda. “I met several UNICEF employees who work day and night to render the lives of refugees and their children more bearable. Not just with food and water, but also through sports, games and education. This is essential if we want to avoid a lost generation,’’ the actor commented.

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