Feds, regions, communities agree on hospital networks

Feds, regions, communities agree on hospital networks

The ministers of health of the federal, regional and local governments on Tuesday concluded a draft agreement on the distribution of 25 future hospital networks, Brussels State Secretary Cécile Jodogne announced in a press release. Flanders will have up to 13 networks made up exclusively of hospitals located on its territory. Wallonia will have a maximum of eight, one of which will be jointly accredited by the Walloon Region and the German-speaking community. Brussels will have up to four, one of which will be certified by the Flemish Community.

The situation becomes more complicated for the three other networks, which will be certified by the entities authorised to license the hospitals they are made up of –the French Community, the Joint Community Commission and the Walloon Region.

The three entities “undertake to act in a spirit of mutual trust and loyalty,” according to the press release. “They undertake not to take any unilateral decisions that might run counter to the interests of another entity.”

They will also “strive to ensure there are well-balanced hospital networks on the territory of Brussels that take the flow of patients into consideration,” the press release disclosed, adding that the proposals concerning the three networks in question need to be tested against this objective.”

In late March, the federal Government approved a bill on the creation of 25 locoregional hospital networks with a view to streamlining the hospital supply by encouraging establishments to work more closely together and improve patient care.

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