Brussels prepares inventory of Brexit-related measures

Brussels prepares inventory of Brexit-related measures

The Government of Brussels-Capital Region on Thursday asked its ministers to quickly submit a full inventory of measures taken or to be taken for all public services and institutions under their authority, in preparation for Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit). The prospect of a no-deal on Brexit renders this preparation more important than ever, said Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Cécile Jodogne, who proposed the move.

The Brussels Brexit Coordination Platform, created in 2017, will follow up the inventory and measures. Whether there is a deal or not, it is also fundamental to raise awareness among Brussels businesses on the potential consequences of Brexit for their activities, Jodogne said.

To this end, an event will be held for Brussels businesses on 22 November to inform them of the state of play in the Brexit negotiations and explain how they can best prepare for the withdrawal as regards customs, contracts and other issues. The event will be organised by BECI, a non-profit representing the region’s companies, and, the Brussels agency for business support.

“This preparatory work in Brussels complements the actions I have already taken in London to increase the attractiveness of the Brussels Region as a host for businesses wishing to relocate part of their operations to the European Union in regulated sectors such as finance, life sciences and the audio-visual sector,” Jordogne said after a meeting of the Brussels-Capital Region Government.

At the initiative of the Secretary of State, the Region will launch a promotional campaign covering these sectors in the United Kingdom in the next few weeks.

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