Man viciously stabbed in Laeken over parking spot dispute

Man viciously stabbed in Laeken over parking spot dispute
Credit: Belga

A man was stabbed and seriously injured shortly before 11:30 on Monday morning in front of the garage door of an apartment building on Rue Léopold I, in the Brussels municipality of Laeken.

A father and son, each armed with a knife, savagely beat and stabbed their victim. According to information from Sudinfo, the incident was sparked by an argument over a parking space. Behind the garage door where the stabbing took place, there are said to be 15 different parking spots.

The victim of the bloody attack is now in hospital in a critical condition. The incident was recorded on a surveillance camera belonging to the victim of the attack. The two attackers fled the scene with the assistance of an accomplice, who came to collect the weapons and hide them before the arrival of police.

Officers tracked down and arrested the two perpetrators and their accomplice, who was found to still be in possession of the knives used in the attack. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office has yet to confirm the fates of the three suspects.

Letting and subletting

“The two perpetrators are the owner of the garage (around 50) and his son (around 30). The victim is a 49-year-old man who rents the whole garage from them and then sublets the 15 parking spaces,” a witness told Sudinfo.

Reportedly, the owner of the garage let a member of his family park his car in one of the fifteen parking spaces being leased by the man who was stabbed. Prior to the attack, the tenant contacted the owner to ask him to move the car as the space was being rented by one of his tenants. However, the owner of the garage refused.

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The victim came to the parking garage and blocked access to the property with their vehicle. The garage owner and his son, who live next door to the lot, came out to meet the victim armed with knives and started attacking him.

The attackers opened the door to the victim’s car and pushed him in, before stabbing the victim two or three times in the stomach and face. One passer-by attempted to intervene in the attack but was injured with a slash to the forearm.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with considerable blood loss; he underwent a four-hour surgery. The patient is still in a critical condition.

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