Workers demand better pay at Disneyland Paris strike

Workers demand better pay at Disneyland Paris strike
Credit: Belga / Christophe Petit-Tesson

Employees at Disneyland Paris went on strike on Tuesday morning to demand a salary increase of €200 and double pay for working on Sundays.

Out of the 17,000 people employed by the theme park, over 100 employees were on strike, including hotel staff, security and maintenance workers. As well as better pay, those on strike demanded an improvement in their working conditions.

Their fight is backed by the CGT (France's largest trade union) and the CFDT union, which are calling on company management "to open negotiations on wages now." 

They explained that despite previous pay rises, their real wages – which were adjusted for inflation – had fallen due to an increase in the country's minimum wage.

The AFP said that management at Disneyland Paris refused to comment.

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