Mehdi Nemmouche reconnoitred Jewish Museum before terror attack

Mehdi Nemmouche reconnoitred Jewish Museum before terror attack

Mehdi Nemmouche, accused of committing the terrorist attack against the Jewish Museum on 24 May 2014, had reconnoitred the building just before the killing, La Dernière Heure reported on Friday. The Office of the Public Prosecutor has added many new pieces of evidence on the killings at the Jewish Museum. According to the information obtained by La Dernière Heure, these include surveillance camera footage on which Nemmouche is seen observing the museum on the eve of the attack. His presence there just a few hours before the killings strengthens the theory of premeditation, the daily notes.

The attorney for the accused, Sébastien Courtoy, on Thursday asked for the case to be adjourned since new evidence continued to be added to the file. However, this was opposed by the federal Office of the Public Prosecutor (OPP). “It is up to the president of the criminal court to assess whether the date on which certain pieces of evidence were submitted and the importance of such evidence justify an adjournment or not,” OPP Spokesman Eric Van Duyse responded.

The case has been set for the Brussels Criminal Court at 2.00 p.m. on the 7th of January 2019 for jury selection and on the 10th of January at 09:00 a.m. for the deliberations.

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