Extended social tariff costs almost €1.7 billion

Extended social tariff costs almost €1.7 billion
Credit: Belga

The extended social tariff for electricity and gas costs almost €1.7 billion, according to calculations by federal energy regulator, CREG.

The extended tariff, which is cheaper than the standard rate, was introduced in 2021. It is aimed at households in precarious situations such as, for example, people on a survival income or receiving a disability allowance.

From 1 July, this tariff will disappear, and former beneficiaries will return to the normal commercial gas and electricity market. This will affect over 300,000 gas customers and 500,000 electricity customers, more than half a million households in total.

CREG has calculated the total cost of the extended social tariff for 2021-2022 and the first two quarters of 2023 at almost €1.7 billion, including €609 million for electricity and more than €1 billion for gas.

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