Greenpeace turns to the King for help on climate emergency

Greenpeace turns to the King for help on climate emergency
Credit: Belga.

Greenpeace on Thursday submitted to the Royal Palace a petition signed by some 70,000 persons calling for action on the global climate emergency. “Since the politicians do not seem to want to react, we are calling on the King to support our will and our fight for the climate,” the NGO stated in its “climate letter”, presented to the Secretary General of the Royal Palace, Pol de Witte, by one of the signatories and Greenpeace Director Valerie Del Rei.

The petition was launched just after the early December Climate March through the streets of Brussels, in which some 75,000 persons participated. The marchers calling for more ambitious climate policy.

Greenpeace said in a press release on Thursday that it was now turning to the King “because, in times of crisis, his role is to ensure the continuity and pursuit of the long-term targets, the ‘great objectives’ that the country and State need to commit to.”

“We are asking him to take our voice to the political actors so that they take ambitious decisions that match the climate emergency,” Greenpeace stressed, adding that it hoped the king would take its message to heart.

The NGO also reported that it informed the Secretary General of the Royal Palace that it stood ready to “make its expertise available for a possible round of consultations with a view to working out an ambitious national climate plan in the short term.”

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