Old Belgian stamps can be used until 2028

Old Belgian stamps can be used until 2028
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / La Poste

Old stamps in the former currency of Belgian francs can be used until 2028, as long as their values correspond with the value of a stamp today, VRT NWS reports.

The current cost of a Bpost stamp stands at €1.39, which amounts to 50 Belgian francs. This means that letters or packages may have to include multiple old stamps to make up the difference.

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In any case, this will come as good news to those in possession of stamps that predate Belgium's conversion to the euro in 2002, as they will now have until 1 January 2028 to use them up.

However, Bpost also told VRT NWS that older stamps can only be used on non-priority items which are delivered within a maximum of three working days.

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