Last year, Brussels appeared in 23 feature films and 12 TV series

Last year, Brussels appeared in 23 feature films and 12 TV series

Last year, 23 feature films and 12 television series were made in the capital, the paved streets, luscious parks, and broad boulevards of which prove to be favorable for film shooting, La Libre Belgique reports Saturday, referring to figures. Last year,, the main mission of which is to coordinate and facilitate all types of jobs in the Brussels Region, accompanied some 35 shootings: 23 feature films (including 12 international projects) and 12 TV shows or web series (including 5 international projects).

Areas directors seek most are located within the City of Brussels (almost 70% of total shooting, and 50% of feature films).

The filmmakers’ interest in shooting movies in these locations is due to the geographical situation of Belgium, and that of Brussels in particular, in the heart of Europe. "This is why we welcome many French, British, German, or Italian co-productions," one of says. “Moreover, the diversity of scenery plays a central role. We have both rural and countryside landscapes, as well as green sectors. With, on top of that, the Brussels’ Canal, medieval streets, neoclassical architecture, and an Art Nouveau and Art Deco heritage which is very attractive. And also more contemporary buildings and business districts which further strengthen Brussels’s attractiveness.”

Furthermore, both the Tax Shelter system and the financial support provided by the Fund help finance a number of projects, they conclude.

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