Brussels to introduce 'rotation charge' at electric car charging stations

Brussels to introduce 'rotation charge' at electric car charging stations
Electric charging stations. Credit: Belga

Brussels municipalities want to discourage people from parking in electric car charging points by introducing a "rotation charge".

As parking spaces are scarce in Brussels, many drivers of electric vehicles choose to park in the space with a charging station – even if their vehicle is already fully charged.

To tackle this new problem, the go-ahead was given for a so-called "rotation charge" for electric vehicles using public charging points. The new regulation was passed at the end of May by the mayors of the Capital Region's 19 municipalities, L'Echo reports.

The future rotation charge would apply to vehicles that remain plugged in for too long after being charged. For this, the 19 Brussels mayors want a uniform rate and equal application conditions for the entire region.

The charge would only be applied during the day, between 09:00 and 22:00, and will be activated 30 minutes after the end of charging or after a five-hour connection time.

The price will then increase the longer a vehicle remains parked, up to a maximum of €25 per day, Bruzz reports.

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