"Hundreds of Chinese and Russian spies in Brussels"

"Hundreds of Chinese and Russian spies in Brussels"

By hosting European Union and NATO headquarters, Brussels does not fail to arouse the interest of intelligence services. European diplomats are being warned by the internal security service of the European Union External Action (SEAE) against Russian and Chinese espionage, the German daily Die Welt reports Saturday on the basis of European diplomatic sources. According to this security service, there would be about "250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies" active in Brussels.

These diplomats also claim to have been warned against certain places in the Brussels European quarter, including a restaurant and a famous coffee shop in the direct vicinity of the European Commission and the SEAE building. 

According to the German newspaper, Chinese and Russian secret services in Brussels work especially in their countries’ embassies and commercial services represented in the Belgian capital. The numbers related to spies from other non-European countries, such as the United States, are not mentioned.

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