Environmental association launches appeal for pesticide-free Wallonia

Environmental association launches appeal for pesticide-free Wallonia
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The environmental awareness-raising and action association, Nature & Progrès, on Tuesday started an appeal to mobilise support for a pesticide-free Wallonia. The objective is to arouse opposition to pesticides and raise the awareness of all Walloon citizens.

“Pesticides are everywhere. In the rainwater used to water our gardens, the air we breathe, flowers from which bees gather pollen and nectar, and in fruit,” said the association. “However numerous studies show the devastation such chemicals cause to our biodiversity and health.”

“There are many regulations aiming to reduce the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, which are both insufficient and inefficient, indeed counter-productive”, said the organisation. “The reason being they have not changed our agricultural practices.”

Wishing to limit the overall use of pesticides and in particular encourage organic farming, which only accounts for 10% of all agricultural land, Nature & Progrès, is appealing for opposition to the use of pesticides, through a coordinated campaign.

There are several ways the public can support the action: signing up for the appeal, buying a car sticker which enables campaign financing, or even making a donation. The association is also inviting everyone to speak about the action taking place in their area, to take action themselves at local level, or organise an activity collaborating with local branches of Nature & Progrès.

All of the information needed is available on the Web platform www.waloniesanspesticides.com.

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