Belgium's “quite exceptional” temperature

Belgium's “quite exceptional” temperature
Present temperatures are perfect for sunbathing.

Belgium is braced for yet another unseasonably warm day after the temperature reached 20.2°C on Tuesday.  Both the daily and monthly records have now been beaten for two days in a row, with Monday seeing a temperature never before recorded in February. It is “quite exceptional. I cannot remember when that last happened. Certainly, it is not a situation which happens often,” David Dehenauw, the meteorologist from the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM), said. 

On Monday, the warmest ever recorded February 25th since records began in 1901 occurred in Uccle with 18.8°C.  The highest temperature observed for February was in 1960, when a temperature of 18.7°C was recorded.

By Tuesday, the daily record for any February 26th had already been beaten at 11 a.m., with 16.2°C in Uccle. The previous record dated back to 1922 with 15.7°C.  By the end of the day the temperature climbed even higher to 20.2°C. 

On Wednesday, the daily record for February 27th could yet be beaten (17.3°C in 1959). “We are expecting maximum temperatures of between 17°C and 18°C, so beating the record is therefore perfectly possible,” said Dehenauw.

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