Police chief inspector arrested in Antwerp for leaking information to drug gang

Police chief inspector arrested in Antwerp for leaking information to drug gang
Credit: Belga

An Antwerp court has arrested a senior detective from the Federal Judicial Police in Antwerp on suspicion of leaking sensitive information to criminal gangs, De Standaard reports.

The chief inspector, who works as a team leader at the Drugs Department, has been charged with breaching professional secrecy. Brussels investigators conducted a raid of the man’s home on behalf of the Antwerp judge. The suspect was later brought before an investigating judge, but was released on bail after questioning.

“The investigation has been initiated in response to allegations in the context of his position that currently requires further investigation,” Kirstof Aerts, spokesperson for the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office, told De Standaard. “It is too early to draw any conclusions at this point.”

The arrest has reportedly caused a stir among the ranks of the Federal Judicial Police in Antwerp. The Chief Inspector was highly regarded by his peers. He was known for his hard stance against Antwerp drug gangs, with a particular insight into the criminal underworld. He was instrumental in taking down the “Mixers” gang.

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This is not the first time accusations have been made against the inspector, De Standaard alleges. Some accused the police official of protecting certain drug bosses against the police and judiciary. The Mixers had spent many years accusing the official of corruption.

Other stories also appeared to paint the officer in a bad light. Sources close to the police said that he had maintained connections from his youth with several figures in the Antwerp crime scene.

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