International Women’s Day Celebration at the Chinese Mission to the EU

International Women’s Day Celebration at the Chinese Mission to the EU
Ms. Cai Xiaoli is the President of APWA and the spouse of Ambassador Zhang Ming

The Chinese Mission to the EU hosted about 200 senior officials from nearly 50 countries to mark the International Women’s Day last week on 7 March. The event, co-hosted by the Asia-Pacific Women’ Association (APWA) and Welcome to Belgium, had convened a large gathering of female leaders from the private and public sectors.

“Women’s liberation and progress contribute to the progress of all mankind, and that is crucial to enable women live a fulfilling life,” said Ms Cai Xiaoli President of APWA. She proudly added that women in her country currently account for 25% of the deputies in the Chinese parliament. “A strong testament to the enhanced political status of Chinese women,” she added.

Women currently make up 43.5% of the total Chinese workforce and about 36% of business executives and managerial positions in China.

Several of the guests spoke about women’s progress in their countries and shared personal stories, including, amongst others, Pakistani Ambassador to the EU Ms. Naghmana Hashmi, and President of Amazon Center Ms. Monique Chalude. The event concluded with traditional Chinese Zither and Han dance performances.

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