'Racism-free' pencils face criticism for lack of light pink

'Racism-free' pencils face criticism for lack of light pink

Former Secretary of State Theo Francken (N-VA) has voiced his criticism of Leuven education network SOM over its 'racism-free' pencils. After an experiment showed that children - regardless of their skin colour - always use light pink when colouring a person, SOM developed a box of 'racism-free' pencils catering to a variety of skin tones. 

The box contains seven shades for the same number of skin colours - but no light pink - which Francken did not appreciate

“Away with light pink,” he tweeted sarcastically, “light pink is racist. SPA-aldermen in Leuven, they prove their worth every day” He also gave Education and Integration alderman Lalynn Wadera (SP.A) a dressing down.

"This is a wonderful initiative to show that there is still work to be done," Wadera responded. The fact that Mr. Francken made a fuss about that makes me angry. No, there is no light pink in the box. But there are plenty of other shades in it so that everyone can find what they want, she added. 

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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