Britain: Pro-Europe legislators move to form new party

Britain: Pro-Europe legislators move to form new party
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A group of British parliamentarians who recently quit the Labour and Conservative parties applied on Friday for recognition as a political party under the name of Change UK- The Independent Group. The group, made up of eight Labour and three Tory (Conservative) parliamentarians, left their respective parties last month in protest against the way they have approached Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

They would like to stand candidates in the European elections of 23-26 May if they are to be organized in Britain, as will have to be the case if the U.K. is still a member of the EU by then.

The MPs said in a communique that they aimed to “shake up the two-party system and provide people with an alternative that can change our country for the better.”

The group will be headed in the meantime by former Tory MP Heidi Allen.

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