Charleroi airport: Security checks closed since 11am

Charleroi airport: Security checks closed since 11am
Charleroi airport has once again been disturbed by spontaneous work strikes by the staff in charge of security checks and baggage checks. The strike began at 11 am on Thursday. Hundreds of people are currently waiting inside and outside of the airport due to doors being blocked by the staff, according to reports. 

The airport is understood to be currently facing issues across the site, and the duration of the strike is not known at this time.

Approximately 75 planes take off each day from Charleroi and as many land. On Wednesday, a dozen passengers missed their plane as a result of similar actions.

Update: At 14:00, the doors of the security checks at Charleroi airport opened to let people waiting in the departure hall. Unfortunately, for a majority of them, their plane had already departed. In addition, passengers stranded outside the airport have still not been able to access it.

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