Passing on your valid ticket is fraud, STIB says

Passing on your valid ticket is fraud, STIB says
Credit: STIB

Travellers who share their used - but still valid - STIB tickets with others, risk a fine of 408 euros, due to what the company considers to be fraudulent activity.  People who have bought a Jump or a 24-hours-ticket, but no longer need it, often leave the valid tickets at the gates in STIB stations. They then alert others to the act through social media. 

STIB, however, thinks this is fraud. 

"Even when the passed-on ticket is still valid, everyone still has to buy a ticket under their own name," said spokesperson Cindy Arents to La Capitale. "Even when the ticket is still valid for 20 minutes but your journey is over, the other person has to buy their own ticket."

However, since names are not printed on the tickets, it is difficult for the STIB to find or punish ticket-sharers. Ticket inspectors can only intervene when they actually see the ticket being passed on. The organisation will screen their Facebook page more actively to discourage sharing, Bruzz reports.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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