Sun and wind expected to last until the end of the week

Sun and wind expected to last until the end of the week

There will be frequent sunny periods on Wednesday with an unpleasant north-easterly wind, the Royal Meteorological  Institute (IRM) announced. Wednesday morning, it will be cloudy in the south of Upper Belgium with still a risk of rain. Elsewhere, the weather will be dry and generally sunny. In the Ardennes, the sky will tend to cloud over during the course of the day. Maximum temperatures will vary from 9 to 13 degrees in a biting moderate wind, which at sea will be strong from the north-east.

Throughout Wednesday evening and into Thursday, the cloud will thin out and the sky will become clear in places, with temperatures reaching lows of -2 degrees in the Ardennes valleys to +3 degrees on the coast. A slight ground frost will, therefore, be possible inland. The wind will generally be moderate in the north-east.

On Thursday, after a cold start with temperatures approaching or slightly above 0 degrees, the weather will be generally sunny. As the day progresses, low cloud will cover the country from the north-east. The sky will remain clearer to the west and along the French border. The weather will stay dry. Maximum temperatures will be between 7 and 10 degrees, which is slightly cool for the time of year. The north-east wind will be more moderate inland and quite strong on the coast.

Friday, the weather will be bright but very cool with sunny and cloudy periods. The north-east wind will accentuate the cold. 

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