Belgians prefer traffic jams to public transport

Belgians prefer traffic jams to public transport

Belgians would rather be in a traffic jam twice a day than take public transport to work. A three-year survey by employers organisation Unizo shows there are still too many reasons for commuters to stay away from bicycles and public transport despite traffic jams becoming a bigger problem for the environment, the economy, and the well-being of employees. The survey is based on data from the federal office for Mobility, that interviewed 4,000 employers. 

Public transport is often unreliable and cycling to work is too far or too dangerous, according to the study. Unizo therefore calls on politicians to "finally start working on a mobility plan". 

A mobility plan is drawn up by municipalities or the government and relates to all plans regarding mobility around a city or in the country. It deals with aspects such as road safety, quality of life, accessibility and sustainability. 

"Without one, we will not move forward at all during the next legislature," said managing director Danny Van Assche. The employers organization argues for more investments in bicycle infrastructure and an expansion of public transport. “Annually, Belgium spends 0.6% of its GDP on mobility. The European average is 1%," he added. 

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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