Limburg battles drug labs with new tip-off system

Limburg battles drug labs with new tip-off system

The public prosecutor's office in the province of Limburg has set up a tip-off platform to combat drug laboratory locations in the area. The office promises that every disclosure will be dealt with by the police while taking care to protect the whistleblower's anonymity.

Limburg is faced with an increase in the number of synthetic drugs laboratories, which pose a problem in terms of chemical waste, threatening public health and safety as well as the environment.

Not only do these laboratories expose residents to a higher risk of explosions and fires but also to the toxic fumes released during production. Furthermore, the resulting waste products are disposed of carelessly.

In 2018, three synthetic drugs laboratories were discovered in Limburg, along with the equivalent of 100 tonnes of chemical waste. Cleaning-up costs have risen to 300,000 euros, while the sites must be restored to their original state.

Since the beginning of the year, five laboratories and 11 occurrences of chemical waste discharge have also come to light, increasing the cost to society while criminals enjoy the consequent illegal profits.

The public prosecutor's office and the police are therefore determined to fight this kind of production. The site, in Dutch, details the signs that may indicate illegal activity. The number 0800/2087 is contactable in complete anonymity to register suspicions concerning a laboratory or incidence of discharge.

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