New employees more likely to have a serious accident at work

New employees more likely to have a serious accident at work

Four out of ten serious accidents at work involve employees with less than a year's service, according to figures released by Liantis, the human resources company.

This is the highest percentage in the last five years, the company stressed in a press release.

Out of 661 serious accidents occurring at work last year, fractures were the most frequent injury (62%), followed by burns (13%) and wounds (5.1%). Fingers (25,4%) and feet (13.5%) were the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Furthermore, it has been found there is no link between the victims' length of service and their age, which is 40 on average, Liantis (formerly ADMB) specified. 

In addition, it is clear that the longer an employee has been working, the lesser the risk to him/her of an accident at work. 

In 2014, Liantis recorded 190 serious accidents among workers having less than a year of service as against 270 last year, an increase of not less than 42.1% over a period of five years. 

"The shortage of manpower on the employment market may explain the strong growth in the number of serious accidents among new workers. With some posts becoming difficult to fill, employers have been forced take on more people who sometimes do not have sufficient previous training or who are less familiar with the risks associated with the job in question," Lode Boeve, head of risk management at Liantis explained.

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