Belgian artist designs 'blacker-than-black' spire for Notre-Dame

Belgian artist designs 'blacker-than-black' spire for Notre-Dame

Belgian artist Frederik De Wilde designed a 'blacker-than-black' spire for the global architecture contest to rebuild the Notre-Dame's spire.

"The blacker-than-black spire rises like a phoenix from the ashes of the Notre-Dame, and shows a trace of its drama. The loss will be shown using the darkest material that exists," De Wilde said.

The spire, created with nanotechnology, will be a 21st-century contribution in the fields of art, science and technology. The design floats somewhere between presence and absence, and challenges our perception, according to the artist.

"My inspiration comes from the French artist Yves Klein, who said that only the artist who has the courage to dissolve in the empty space, in the Void, will create something new, essential, yet undogmatic and potentially meaningful for everyone," De Wilde said. "La Flèche (the spire) is visually reduced to a silhouette that catches all the light," he added.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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