Two arrested following protest at Schaerbeek school

Two arrested following protest at Schaerbeek school

Two persons were arrested on Tuesday in connection with protests outside a primary school in Schaerbeek, Brussels police said on Wednesday. One woman was taken in for questioning and later released, Audrey Dereymaeker, spokesperson for Brussels North (which includes Schaerbeek), said, confirming a report by La Dernière Heure. The police further stated that a man was arrested for disturbing the peace.

Denis Goeman, spokesman for the Brussels Office of the Public Prosecutor (OPP), said the arrested woman was released after being questioned on Tuesday afternoon, but that the investigation into the case continues. She was arrested for damage to public property after reportedly throwing a bottle at a school window and breaking it. The young woman, born in 1988, had no previous issues with the law.

Audrey Dereymaeker also stressed that the protesters’ aggressiveness had not specifically been directed at the police.

Some 250 persons gathered on Tuesday evening outside the Ecole Communale No.1, located at Rue Josaphat in Schaerbeek, in connection with suspicions that a four-year-old pupil had been sexually abused in the school, despite an OPP press release stating that no abuse had been committed on the little girl.

According to a press release from Schaerbeek Mayor Bernard Clerfayt, the two persons arrested are residents of Laeken (Brussels City) and Anderlecht.

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