Fatty acid on R4 around Ghent will hinder rush hour traffic

Fatty acid on R4 around Ghent will hinder rush hour traffic
The fatty acid that leaked from a truck in Zelzate and Ghent on Friday morning will hinder traffic during the evening rush hour because the fire service cannot find a way to clean it up, they said in a Tweet. On the John F Kennedy and the Dwight Eisenhower roads close to Ghent, the fire service blocked the roads at several places to clean up fatty acid. Removing it seemed to be more difficult than first expected and the evening rush hour will still be affected by the process. The Flemish Traffic Center and the fire service asked commuters to avoid the environment via Twitter.

Translation: "Update: clean up is going slow and we are looking for alternative solutions. The track will definitely have an impact on the evening rush hour. From Zelzate to the E40, it is best to take to R4 West (via Evergem and Drongen)." 

Drivers who want to go from Zelzate to the E40 are better off taking an alternative route. The Flemish Traffic Center advises motorcyclists to definitely avoid the route and also asks cars to follow the detours via the R4 West.

Fatty acid is one of the base ingredients to make soap, which makes it extremely difficult to clean up without leaving the road slippery. The fire service has been on the scene since Friday morning. "We are now spraying a mixture of hot water and a product around the slippery places to see if that works," the fire service said around noon. "If that does not work, we will have to look for a different solution. Specialist firms have already been involved," they added.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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