Schaerbeek to pedestrianise l'Avenue Van Vollenhoven this summer

Schaerbeek to pedestrianise l'Avenue Van Vollenhoven this summer

The municipality of Schaerbeek has announced that it will close l'Avenue Ambassadeur Van Vollenhoven to car traffic during the months of July and August. "There will be more living and playing space for Schaarbeekois, young and old. Cyclists will be able to travel more safely in both directions between Avenue des Azalées and the cycle street of Boulevard Lambermont and vice versa," says Adelheid Byttebier (Groen), Deputy Mayor for Mobility. "It will also contribute to improving air quality and overall well-being in the park."

Currently, the street, located in Josaphat Park, is one-way for local traffic, but this is not always respected. "Cars don't belong on this street. By leaving them on Avenue Louis Bertrand, we are now giving cyclists and other active road users the opportunity to cross our town in complete safety. In addition, we are expanding the park, which was cut in half by this street," Byttebier added in a press release.

The pedestrian street will be evaluated after the summer, including the discussion on if the move should be permanent.

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