Saint-Josse mayor does not accept De Lijn's moved bus stops on Rogier square

Saint-Josse mayor does not accept De Lijn's moved bus stops on Rogier square
Emir Kir (PS), the mayor of Saint-Josse, does not accept the move of the De Lijn bus stops from under Gare du Nord "without any consultation" to the Rogier square, which is on Saint-Josse territory. According to Kir, the move caused "enormous mobility and security problems", and he asked the police to "verbalise all traffic violations", reported Bruzz.

The De Lijn trade unions decided last weekend to no longer stop under the Gare du Nord in Brussels. The drivers had been complaining about unsafe and unsanitary conditions for months. The buses now stop at the Rogier square, and in between journeys, they rest in the bus lane in the Rue de Progrès.

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"The municipality regrets this coup d'état, and does not tolerate any nuisance on its territory," said Kir in a press release, according to Bruzz. "Saint-Josse will take all necessary measures to put an end to the illegal stops."

"It is incomprehensible and unacceptable for the federal government to abandon a place as important as the Gare du Nord, and allows the situation to escalate to the point that employees and commuters no longer dare to enter the station, which is one of the most important entry gates to our capital city. I call on all parties involved to find a sustainable and worthy solution for everyone," the press release stated.

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Maïthé Chini
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