Green party could get Belgian Prime Minister post

Green party could get Belgian Prime Minister post
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The Green party does not exclude taking the post of Prime Minister, said co-president of Ecolo, Jean-Marc Nollet to LN24 on Tuesday. “It’s a possibility. If voters allow it, environmentalists will take their responsibilities,” said Nollet. Kristof Calvo, Group Leader Ecolo-Groen in the Chamber of Representatives, but also the other Co-Chair, Zakia Khattabi, or Groen’s President, Meyrem Almaci, could perform this function well, he added.

Nollet does not consider the possibility for himself, even though he is the only one with experience as a Minister. “I would not be the most useful in this post,” he said.

The two priorities of the Greens are the climate and ‘strengthening of solidarity’. “There are 1.7 million people in Belgium living below the poverty line. That is, they have less than 60% of the median income,” he said.

“The main question, on the night of the elections, will be whether the N-VA could be avoided. We are working on it,” Nollet said.

Bart De Wever, president of the N-VA, said that the environmentalist would be the least desirable coalition partners, after the PTB (The Workers’ Party).

According to the most recent political poll of De Standaard and VRT NWS, N-VA is still the biggest party in Flanders with 27.9%, with Groen in third place with 14.6%.

In Brussels, the Green party is the biggest with 21,5%, and in Wallonia they are second with 22% of the votes.

Maïthé Chini
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