Thieves blow up another Argenta cash machine

Thieves blow up another Argenta cash machine

Burglars in the Limburg town of Oudsbergen blew up a cash machine from of the local branch of bank Argenta in the early hours of Thursday, in what’s so far the second bomb-attack this month against the bank.

Town residents were awakened by a loud bang between 3:00 and 4:00 AM on Thursday after an explosion targeting the cash went off in the agency located in Pastoriestraat.

It has not yet been made clear whether the burglary was successful, as authorities have not yet given any information on the thieves’ loot.

The local prosecutor said no injuries were reported but said the explosion caused extensive damage to the bank’s façade.

At the start of May, another local Argenta near Antwerp was also targeted by a bomb attack late at night, but the thieves’ loot was worthless, as it contained mostly test-bills.

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