Electric scooter maximum speed raised

Electric scooter maximum speed raised
Credit: Belga

New traffic regulations coming into effect next week will see the speed limit for electric scooters, hoverboards and wheelchairs climb from 18 to 25 kilometres per hour.

One of the main changes brought by the new regulations is the introduction of a “green square,” for cyclists and pedestrians, who will be given the green light simultaneously as vehicle drivers wait on the red.

The aim is to avoid contact between vulnerable road users, and cars and trucks, preventing blind spot accidents.

Other changes included are that children up to 10 years will be able to cycle on city sidewalks, and cargo bikes that are no wider than one metre will be considered like regular bikes and be allowed to drive down one-way roads and on pedestrian streets.

The new regulations are meant to better protect new methods of transportation gaining ground in cities from motor vehicles.

While most of the regulations will come into effect on May 31, the introduction of the “green squares” might not come until later, as changing traffic lights in the city could take some time.

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