At SNCB, bilingualism is still lacking

At SNCB, bilingualism is still lacking
Credit: ©SNCB

Some 1,500 SNCB train drivers must undergo language training in order to achieve the required level of knowledge, according to an answer from Mobility Minister François Bellot to a question from MP N-VA Inez De Coninck. Despite this, there are few incidents related to a language problem," said the Minister.

SNCB currently has 3,200 train drivers, 2,100 of whom work in 2 or 3 Regions. After examination, it appeared that 600 of them had the required language skills, the remaining 1,500 had to undergo training.

Among the staff of the signalling cabins, 800 workers would be impacted by this type of training. Infrabel has 33 cabins in Belgium where some 1,350 people work.

According to the Minister, however, incidents related to a language problem remain very infrequent. Between 2011 and 2019, only 6 cases were reported, thanks in particular to new safety systems that limit contact between train drivers and signalling cabin staff.

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